Short update

Hi everyone, this is to let you know that I’m okay and that things are good. I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything in like forever but I’m always working and when I’m not, I’m either sleeping or counting down the hours till I go back to work haha.

I’ve been working really hard because I’m going on a road trip this month!! I’m super excited to share pictures with you guys when I get back. I was going to wait till after I get back to start posting again but I was getting lots of emails asking if everything was okay.

Thank you so much to all the people that emailed me and all the people that kept checking my blog constantly, I love and appreciate you all!

As for the Q&A session I mentioned in my last post, I still intend to answer all your questions but I wanted to do it in a video and I’ve been procrastinating a lot because I’m the most awkward person ever and I’m not used to talking to myself in front of a camera. I will try my best to post the answers (either in video format or by writing if I chicken out) to your questions ASAP! It might be either before or after my trip, I’m not sure yet.

Anyways, thank you for reading this little update, I hope you’re all doing great!Life with Precious