Half Moon Drive In Review

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As part of the gift I got him for our 1 year anniversary (more on that another time, maybe), Trevor and I went to The Half Moon Drive In and because we heard mixed reviews about the Drive in prior to going there, we decided to write one based on our experience.


Half Moon is located about 45mins away from the city in Lockport, MB. It was supposed to be a nice, scenic drive there from what we read in reviews but we didn’t really see anything worth looking at besides road construction. Nonetheless, it’s always great when we spend time together and it felt like an adventure so it was still enjoyable.

As soon as you pull into the parking lot, there’s a huge wall that shows the menu and all they serve which is really helpful because you can just sit in the car to get an idea of what you want instead of wasting time being indecisive at the counter.4ac0dc_598eb4a8f7634fc28dd4b82fe7b3305bmv2The decor of the place is so beautiful! It was like travelling back in time. It reminded us of the way a diner back in the 80’s would look. We loved the bumpers of cars that stuck out from the wall, the checkered tiles, the posters on the walls, etc. Our favourite spot was the white “car seat” that stuck out from the wall where you could sit to take pictures with the awesome background. We got someone to take a bunch of pictures of us seated there and we really loved the idea of it.


They serve what I feel like would be normal drive in food: hot dogs, burgers, onion rings, fries and ice cream. I ordered a Double Bacon Cheeseburger (yikes, I know) and a medium Tropical Orange milkshake while Trevor got a Triple Cheeseburger and a medium Banana milkshake. We got large fries to share, yum! Our total was about $30 but we think it’s definitely worth it once in a while for the experience. The burgers were great, the fries were even better and the food was just delicious in general.


Aside from the great atmosphere and even greater food, there’s an arcade that kids can also enjoy. We left just as the sun was setting and it was truly breathtaking.

All in all, we recommend this Drive in. The staff are friendly and helpful, the food is tasty, the decor of the place is awesome and the drive there is totally worth it!

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