Big Announcement

Life with PreciousGuess what guys!!!

I have a number of things to talk about and I’m so excited that I didn’t even sleep till earlier this morning haha. I’ve been working on this for so long now and I can’t wait to publish this post!

BTW, I love this picture because I look so liberated and that’s exactly how I feel right now writing this post with all the changes I’ve made to Life with Precious. I feel like I have the whole world right in front of me and I’m ready for new beginnings.

First of all, I changed blogging platforms and now I have my own .com site and it’s great! I was kind of skeptical at first because this blog was just a hobby for me tbh and I didn’t know if I wanted to pay for my own domain and all that stuff but I’m so happy I made the decision. I’m so in love with how my blog looks now, it’s like my own little corner on the internet and it feels awesome.

Old version: Life with Precious

New & Improved:

Life with Precious

When I first started this blog, it was just mainly for me to post whatever I felt like, whenever I wanted to but now, I have actual subscribers that care about what I have to say. People email me whenever I don’t post something and that’s so amazing. I feel so special knowing that you guys care about me, thank you so much.

As a result of that & as a way of saying thank you to all my readers, I decided that even though my life isn’t really all that exciting, I want to take Life with Precious more seriously and I’ll start to post more often than I do right now. I want you all to get to know me even more. This is still a learning process and a work in progress but I’m going to try my absolute best to post something at least once a week from now on.

Leave your email down below and I’ll email you whenever I post something! You can also follow me on Instagram.


Secondly, some of you keep asking what ‘Ask Precious‘ is all about. It’s my advice column where you can ask me anything you feel like. I can give you tips, advice, suggestions, etc. I also have a page with a list of ‘Hotlines‘ that I compiled for you guys. If you can’t talk to me or if I can’t answer a question to your satisfaction (I’m not a professional), you can always call one of the numbers there and someone will help you.

Note: If it’s an emergency, call 911.

When you send me messages/questions, I post my replies on the general page or email them back to you, depending on which option you choose while sending in your question/message. Optionally, I can post it to my page as ‘Anonymous’ if you don’t want your name, age or gender to appear.

I came up with Ask Precious because I genuinely love helping people. I hate when the people around me are sad and I’ve been in situations where I want to talk to someone but not anyone that I know because the problem was either about them or I didn’t want them to judge me. It’s also been a dream of mine to be a counselling psychologist and have my own office where people come to talk to me. I’m not anywhere close to that but in my own opinion, this is an online version of that; our safe haven.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading! I love and appreciate you all so much.

Remember to check out Ask Precious, follow my blog on Instagram, share this post and comment down below!Life with Precious

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