Work Experience

Hi everyone,

Although I said I’d post once a week, every Wednesday, I thought more about it and decided that asides from every Wednesday, I’d also post whenever I feel like it because after all, it is my blog and sometimes I have thoughts that I’d like to share with you so why wait till then?

Anyway, I have work in about an hour so I thought what better time than now to answer what a lot of you have been asking me: Where do I work?


I work at DQ (Dairy Queen), an ice cream & fast food ‘restaurant’, for those of you that don’t know what it is. I’ve been working there since January this year. My feelings about working there are kind of 50/50. Sometimes I love it, other times I don’t but it might just have to do with me being lazy and not wanting to leave my bed.

I personally like working there because seeing the look on some people’s faces as I hand them their cones, blizzards, etc makes me happy, I love eating food from there (you can probably tell from the look in my face) and also because I genuinely like some of the people that I work with.

I didn’t like it when I first started there simply because I’m a very shy person and talking to people that had already worked with each other for a while was really intimidating to say the least. They’re all really nice and welcoming though so that feeling disappeared after a while. I find that I still have to try my hardest to escape my comfort zone and I sometimes still don’t know what to say when a bunch of people are talking but I’m getting better at that.

Before that, I worked at a call centre that I disliked with a passion. You know those annoying people that call your house wanting to know if you were interested in participating in a 5 min survey with them? Yup, that used to be me. I’d have to randomly call a bunch of people and ask them a billion questions that put even me, the interviewer, to sleep. The place was so disorganized, depressing and had a horrible smell. Haha I’m glad I don’t work there anymore!

Obviously this isn’t a place that I’d like to work at forever but for now, it pays my bills so I’m happy with the way things are 🙂

I’d love to hear from you, where do you work or is there a particular job you’ve had before that you hated? Let me know down below!

Also, I hope you all have a nice weekend!Life with Precious

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