Weekend Chronicles #1

Good morning, my dear readers!

I have exciting news for you all. I’ve decided to start a series called ‘Weekend Chronicles’.


Someone once emailed me and asked if I could do a series of some sort and they suggested a Q&A Session series like the one I did before but frankly, I feel like that would get old really fast and I’ve mentioned this a billion times before but I’m not good in front of a camera. In addition, I feel like you guys would run out of questions for me if I answered them every week.

Anyway, I thought of writing a journal of my really boring weekends with the hopes that you guys will get to know me more and feel like you’re living life with Precious (see what I did there? lol). I think this is a great idea and an even greater way to help me be productive. It’ll be fun to be able to look back in the future on all these memories, since I intend to keep my blog forever basically. With all that in mind, I came up with ‘Weekend Chronicles’.

Like the name implies, it’ll be an archive of everything I do on the weekends and will be posted every Monday morning. It’ll also be like my personal diary in the sense that I’ll be real and honest with you all and let you know how I really feel about things. I’ll show you guys snippets of my life and hope that you’ll get to understand me a little bit more!

Now, on to my weekend! It was a mixture of boredom, excitement, frustration and you guessed it, procrastination. I kept thinking I had time to get through my ‘Christmas To Do List’ but apparently I don’t though, since December is flying by so quickly and Christmas is only about 12 days away. Good going, Precious. Honestly, I should win a damn award for procrastinating the way only I do.


Alaa (one of my best friends) and I went to the mall to check out some of the decorations we heard they’d put up but mainly to buy some things for her. We ended up walking around the entire place and taking pictures instead haha. Pictures of the pretty decor and me, of course. (I promise I’m not vain, she just doesn’t like pictures)

Anyway, the whole mall put me in such a great mood! I don’t know if it’s even possible to be any more excited than I already am but I was literally thinking about how ready I am for December 25th to get here! Even though I still haven’t bought gifts and decorated my room..oh well.


We were in a great mood and just browsed the different stores before moving on to the centre of the mall where they set up an “Enchanted Forest” for the little kids (or big kids like me). It was incredibly beautiful to look at so of course your girl had to stop right there, amidst the hustle and bustle of shoppers and do a mini photoshoot. Did I mention that at first, I was so paranoid and nervous to take pictures in the mall? I’m not exactly sure why. Something about not ever wanting to draw attention to myself, perhaps.


We went into the most beautiful store I’ve ever been into but I don’t remember the name and that makes me so sad cause I’d wanna go back in there just to look at how beautiful the decorations and product packaging were!


After our trip to the mall, I didn’t really do anything else. I just went grocery shopping with my mom and my sister, Serena. We’re getting together with some family friends on Christmas day so according to my mom, we have to buy a ton of stuff in preparation.



I had to wake up really early because I had a staff meeting at 8:30am. Ugh. Good thing I live so close to where I work! I worked right after the meeting till 5pm, then my mom came to pick me up because we had plans to go to a Chinese Buffet (the same one I went to on my birthday) with our family friends. It was really fun surprisingly (lol I hope they don’t see this) and the food was great but I completely forgot about the plans so I didn’t starve myself hahaha I had onion rings and a chicken wrap for my break at work so I wasn’t really as hungry as I should have been but again, oh well.


I go to church every Sunday @ 11:30am so after church, my mom and I had to drop Serena off at volleyball practice, then we got milkshakes without her (woohooo) and went shopping for a really long time (till about 6pm I think). We bought tons of items for the party and ourselves. After we picked up my sister and came home, we just spent time together wrapping presents. Technically, Serena slept (what else is new) while my mom and I slaved away putting presents together. I did most of the work though, of course. 😉

All in all, I had a pretty eventful weekend, which is kinda weird because usually, I don’t do anything this exciting and just end up reading other blogs and watching Law & Order SVU episodes!

That wraps up the first entry in my weekend chronicles! I’m really excited to continue this next week Monday. Thanks for reading! How was your weekend and what was the best part of it? Let me know down below!Life with Precious

37 thoughts on “Weekend Chronicles #1

  1. Found your blog through instagram, so glad I did! You are gorgeous 😍 Your blog is so lovely, already subscribed to it!! I’m excited for more of your weekend chronicles. Btw I absolutely LOVE your friend’s cardigan, do you know where she got it from?


  2. This is so original and it’s so interesting to find out what others do 🙂 love all your ideas! The pictures are stunning too!


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