Weekend Chronicles #2

Good morning, friends! How were your weekends?

If you haven’t seen ‘Weekend Chronicles #1’, read it here!

Moving on, mine was so boring, just like every other weekend except the one I decided to start this series haha. Nothing exciting happened to be honest but if you’re still curious as to what I did, read on!


I had my last midterm, yay!! Surprisingly (lol I promise I studied), it went pretty good but this school year has been so exhausting and I’m not really happy with the way things went but I’m just so excited to be done for now. Trevor has a bunch of hardcore exams (he’s studying engineering) so after my midterm, I just hung out with him at school. Mainly to keep him company but mostly because I miss him so much these days. Exam time is always rough because we don’t see each other as much, even though we live like 5 mins away from each other haha. Anyway, the plan was to get Subway for supper, since we were planning to stay late at school but I guess we didn’t check what time they closed because as we were about to enter, the lady was like “umm sorry we’re closing” (like OK whatever. No need to be so annoying about it). We tried another place but because they were closing for the weekend, items that were originally around $5 became $1!!! Believe it or not, we packed almost everything, mainly because we couldn’t believe it was that cheap!

life-with-preciousWe got all that for under $7 so pretty good Friday if you ask me.


I worked 10-5 (like every other Saturday). Serena and I were supposed to go to a birthday dinner but we all know how broke and antisocial I am and how I’d rather not so only Serena went. Haha honestly though (in case she’s reading this), I didn’t go because I was too tired after work and didn’t feel like getting all dressed up for it. The place was close to the mall so after my mom and I dropped off my sister, we just went into the mall to do some last minute Christmas shopping. I went in hoping to find something for my sister but I couldn’t so I ended up buying my boyfriend’s highly requested gifts while my mom shopped the kids department. She’s always buying clothes for babies even though we don’t know any little babies. Her logic is always the same; “Well let’s say one of my friends has a baby, what will I give them?” I’ve learned to just go with the flow and not question it lol. I don’t really care though since baby clothes are so cute! We also squeezed in some bonding time over burgers and fries while waiting for Serena to be done.



After church, I was supposed to clean my house in preparation for my mom’s birthday (Dec. 22) and then our Christmas party but instead, I played a lot of candy crush (only because I got infinite lives, duh) and then started to clean my house when I saw my mom in the driveway hahaha. She was like “wow you’re such a good girl!” and I was like “yeah, I’ve been trying to clean all day” and she said she was so proud of me (lmao). In between cleaning, I was jamming to this song and smelling this air freshener we got recently! I swear the scent is SO addictive. I don’t know how to explain it, it just smells so heavenly! As I type this, the song is still on repeat and I’m constantly reaching over to smell the gel.


Thanks for reading! I hope you all have a nice week and a nice Christmas, see you for #3 next Monday! Don’t forget to subscribe so you can see my new post this Wednesday!Life with Precious

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