New Semester + Goals

img_0645My second semester started again yesterday and I’m currently taking 3 courses + a lab which probably doesn’t sound like a lot of work to some of you but one is intro to psych research methods, the other is a course that involves a lot of reading/writing and the lab is just more research so there’s a lot of material for me to cover.

Last semester wasn’t as good as I would have liked, in terms of my grades and how much effort I put into my work, because I procrastinated a lot and did things very last minute (lol surprise, surprise). A new semester signifies a new beginning for me and a chance to correct my mistakes so my goals (including the ones unrelated to school) this time around are:

  • Study frequently in order to avoid chaos later on
  • Do assignments ahead of time and keep up with my course work
  • Take lots of pictures to practice my photography (and do more “photoshoots”)
  • Be more active on Instagram (Already a work in progress)
  • Use my planner and write a journal entry daily (since I keep buying lots of planners & notebooks)
  • Stop looking like a hobo by making an effort to dress up for school

In order to celebrate the start of a new semester, practice the last goal I mentioned and wear my new boots, I decided to get dressed and take some pictures! (Thanks for the pictures, Josh) Enjoy!


Coat: Lady Hathaway // Leggings: Reitmans // Scarf: Ardenes // Boots: Sears // Ring: SwarovskiLife with Precious

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