Weekend Chronicles #5


I just want to say a big thank you for all the support I’ve been receiving both on here and on Instagram and for all the emails you guys send me. I know I’m behind in replying to some of them but I’ll be doing that all afternoon till I go to work so don’t hesitate to email me or message me if you want to talk! For now, I’m back with another Weekend post so let’s jump right into it!


After my Psychology class ended, I met up with Trevor and we went to his house together and just hung out, had supper with his family and then watched a show on Netflix till I went home around 1am. Currently, we’re watching A series of Unfortunate Events and we love it! It’s such an interesting show. I have to admit, I didn’t really want to watch it at first simply because it looked so boring but it’s quite the opposite. An example of not judging a book by its cover…or in this case, not judging a TV show by the cover picture (or whatever you call it).

Weekend Chronicles | Life with Precious

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Staying out till early morning definitely took its toll on me, as I didn’t feel like waking up in time for work but luckily, when Trevor came to drop me off, I basically asked him to call my house phone to wake me up in the morning. The highlight of my shift was break time, where I had a sundae topped with hot fudge and caramel, along with cheesecake pieces. Perfection!

Weekend Chronicles | Life with Precious

After work, I went to an All you can eat Sushi restaurant with my sister, mom and her friend; it was awesome! If you can remember, I mentioned in my first post that any restaurant with sushi is my favourite so I enjoyed myself immensely! It’s pricey but who cares as long as I didn’t pay, right? worth it! My sister and I even wore the same shirt we got for Christmas (rolling my eyes right now, what a copycat. Even though it wasn’t planned).

These pictures were taken before we all had food babies and could barely breathe!

The servers give you a sheet to order and beside each menu option, there’s a little box to write how many orders of that particular food you want. Weekend Chronicles | Life with PreciousThey then take the sheet away from you and make it right in front of the restaurant. I couldn’t get a good picture because I found it awkward to just stand up and take pictures of the guys there so I asked my sister to put her head down so I could take a sneaky picture haha. You can also ask for that sheet and order as many times as you want!

Weekend Chronicles | Life with Precious I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they had a great variety of food besides sushi, such as different kinds of salads, soups, pizzas, noodles, fried rice, fried chicken, calamari, chicken balls (my fav), etc. To say the least, it was a blast and the best part was that I could order any of those things I just mentioned, as many times as I wanted, for the same price!


After church, we bought subs from Subway and came home to eat them, yum! Halfway through just chilling, my mom remembered she had to go to a post office but everything was closed so we drove around a lot looking for one until my sister remembered it’s 2017 and we could have just searched it up on Google (facepalm). The post office was inside a drugstore so I just bought the Revlon ultra HD matte lipcolor in the shade infatuation. The shade is beautiful but I’ve been looking for something to match the one I used on my birthday because that’s literally the only shade I’ve ever liked (I’m not a fan of any sort of lip colour on myself). Unfortunately, I’m not a big makeup person so I have no idea. If you know of a shade that matches that, please let me know down below!

It was already late evening when we got home so my sister and I watched The Wedding Ringer on Netflix, it was hilarious! It has Kevin Hart in it and I highly recommend it if you want a good laugh! After that, I watched the documentary about Jaycee Dugard’s kidnapping story and cried a lot. It’s incomprehensible that someone could commit a crime as atrocious as that. I just spent the rest of the night reading more about the story online because stories like that always make me wonder what goes on in the minds of certain people.

Anyway, that’s it for now. How was your weekend? Do you have any plans for this week? Let me know down below or on Instagram or Snapchat.

Life with Precious

24 thoughts on “Weekend Chronicles #5

  1. First, I LOVE the pic of you and Trevor. you guys are goals I swear. also I’m not the biggest fan of sushi but those pictures look amazing! Omg that documentary is horryfying. I’ve watched it too and I bawled my eyes out. 😦
    btw you look awesome. i remember the shirt from the what I got for Christmas post. love you!


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