Kenora 2016

It’s been 2017 for like a billion months now so you’re probably wondering why the hell this post says 2016 but in August last year, Trevor and I went on a road trip to Kenora, Ontario for our one year anniversary and I literally just remembered that although I posted some pictures from the trip on my Instagram, I never actually posted them here on my blog. We’re going on another road trip this summer and plan to make it a yearly thing so I’d like to share last year’s trip with you guys. Better late than never!

Also, thank you so much for all the emails I’ve been getting. If you follow me on snapchat, you know I’ve been extremely sick for the past couple days and it’s been absolutely terrifying because I don’t think I’ve been this sick before. I’m talking puking, coughing blood (ok, it only happened twice but still, scary!!) and feeling so weak, I can barely move. I’m starting to get better now so I’m relieved. Anyways, I still feel weird so bear with me on this post.

Disclaimer: Because it was a long time ago and I have the worst memory ever, especially right now when I can barely think properly, I won’t be writing every single detail so this post may or may not just be full of pictures.

Anyway, we met up at about 7am and had a pretty fun time at Mcdonald’s eating breakfast. I say fun because Trevor managed to throw his brand new sunglasses in the trash (What else is new, though?) but luckily, he found it after wasting time sticking his arm down the trash can. I, on the other hand, couldn’t find my normal sunglasses and my favourite pair were crooked so I was forced to bring my circle (aka weird) ones along.

We love being together so spending 2 1/2 hours enjoying each other’s company and looking at the scenery was absolutely perfect.



We got to Kenora around 11am and went to the Lake of the Woods Discovery Centre which is just like a tourist office to get further information, pamphlets, maps, etc.



Next, we met with the owner of the Airbnb apartment we rented. It was our first time using Airbnb and we loved it! Best site ever.



After settling in, we went to The Pier for lunch and then explored McLeod Park, where we saw the statue of the huge fish they call Husky the Muskie.



The rest of the 4 day trip included going to restaurants, relaxing at the beach, playing in the water and watching movies at our apartment.





Another highlight of the trip was when we went to Rushing River Provincial Park. We did a lot of hiking and swimming there. It was so beautiful and calming.



To end the trip, we went on a cruise ship! It was awesome, especially because neither of us had ever been on one before.



All in all, our trip to Kenora was one of the best times we’ve had together and we’re looking forward to our trip this year! More details on that later but I’ll just say now that we’re doing something we’ve never done together before and we’re super excited!

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33 thoughts on “Kenora 2016

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  2. Omg the absolute cutest! Can’t wait for this year’s trip haha I might be more excited than you guys probably 😂😂


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