Summer 2017 Recap

I’ve been away for so long that I don’t know where to start. I’m not sure I remember how to write a coherent blog post so please bear with me!

I couldn’t possibly fill you guys in on everything that’s happened in the last few months but here’s my attempt to sum it up:

  • I finished painting/redecorating my room! I’m still considering whether or not to post a room tour. The idea of everyone knowing exactly how my room looks like isn’t very appealing but I am open to the possibility. Let me know if it’s something you would potentially be interested in seeing and I’ll consider it.
  • My sister, Serena, turned 16 in March and graduated in June, it was really exciting! I threw a surprise birthday party for her with my mom’s help and we got a photographer to take her grad pictures so I can also post pictures of that later πŸ™‚
  • 2 of the family friends that I actually genuinely love moved to Alberta in April, that was really sad because they were basically family.
  • My birthday was on April 30th, I turned 19! My mom and sister took me out for brunch, then Trevor took me out for dinner, it was LIT.
  • I got a 2nd job at Booster Juice for the summer! I’ve been working so much that when I’m not, I don’t know what to do with myself. Recently, I’ve cut down my hours at both jobs so I have a lot of free time for the time being but school is about to start again so there goes that.
  • I tried a lot of new things that I ended up loving: I went to escape rooms, I went quadding at the cabin, I tried pedal boating, I went to new restaurants, etc.
  • Trevor and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary at the beginning of this month so another thing I tried for the first time and ended up loving was camping! I’ll definitely post a little about our trip and hopefully it doesn’t take me as long as writing about Kenora did!
  • Even though I didn’t post anything, I got a new blog theme and designed a “logo” that I like at the moment. My new theme is cleaner and not as childish as the other one, I hope you love it as much as I do.

Anyway, that’s all I can remember for now and although majority of my time was spent either at Dairy Queen, Booster Juice or in bed, I had a great summer! I’m really excited to start school again, I’m not too sure why since school isn’t somewhere I feel comfortable. I think I just can’t wait to be done with my degree.

I really can’t predict whether or not I’ll have time to blog a lot and I don’t want to make any promises since clearly, I can never keep my blogging promises lol. If you are interested in getting notified whenever I post something, subscribe to my blog! You can also keep up with me on either Instagram or Snapchat. I recommend Snapchat since I use it a lot more.

Thanks for reading all this, until next time!Life with Precious signature

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