Day 1, Year 3

Today is officially the first day of classes for me and I couldn’t be more excited nervous.I got to school early this morning only to find out that my first class was actually cancelled. It’s my fault though because I never remember to check my school email. I ended up waiting for about 10 mins, along with majority of the class, for the lecture to begin before someone suddenly announced that we were all wasting our time.

Right now, I’m waiting by the door of my next class which starts in about 10mins. I’m going to use this time to try to explain how I feel at the moment. Bear with me.

Although I love to learn, I hate coming to school because my anxiety and panic attacks shoot through the roof the minute I leave my house and get on the bus. I try so hard to reassure myself that no one cares and everyone is busy doing their own thing to pay any attention to me but it’s not like that ever calms me down.

This summer, I realized that I wasted my first 2 years in University worrying so much and not enjoying my classes because instead of listening to my prof, I was trying to decipher the thoughts of my fellow classmates.

This year, I intend to not only go to all 5 of my classes but enjoy each and every single one. I’ve been here for almost an hour now and so far, it isn’t that bad but that might just be because I haven’t really encountered that many people or seen anyone I know.

I have to go into class now so I’ll talk more about this another time. Wish me luck, I’ll definitely need it!Life with Precious signature

16 thoughts on “Day 1, Year 3

  1. Precious, You don’t have to worry about the thoughts of these irrelevant people. They can think what they like but it doesn’t change the fact that you are so beautiful, intelligent and overrall a great person. The people who know you love you and that’s all that matters. Thanks for sharing your life and your thoughts with us, I love reading your posts ❀️


    1. Alana 😭❀️ This is SO sweet, thank you!! You are one of the best people I’ve ever encountered in my life. Thank YOU for reading my posts and caring about me! ❀️


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