Weekend Chronicles #5

I just want to say a big thank you for all the support I’ve been receiving both on here and on Instagram and for all the emails you guys send me. I know I’m behind in replying to some of them but I’ll be doing that all afternoon till I go to work so don’t hesitate to email me or message me if you want to talk! For now, I’m back with another Weekend post so let’s jump right into it!

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New Year, New Shoes

Is it too late to say happy new year to all of you? If not, happy new year!!

Everyone who knows me personally knows how much I love shoes and how much I value my collection. High heels, in particular. Why? I have no clue but what’s not to love? I could write a whole post about my love for shoes, which I guess is what I’m technically doing haha.

Anyway, like I mentioned here, I got a Sears gift card for Christmas and I used it to purchase a pair of ankle boots that finally came in the mail 2 days ago, yay! I just wanna share how pretty they are with you! Continue reading

What I got for Christmas 2016

Hi again!

I’m so sad that Christmas is officially over but talking about what I got for Christmas this year makes me really excited and should compensate, right?

Anytime I read these kind of posts on other blogs, I always see a disclaimer about how they’re not trying to brag and blah blah blah but honestly, who cares? People have a choice as to whether or not they want to read the post so it’s whatever and stating what I got as gifts from people who love me on my blog isn’t bragging in my opinion so if it counts as bragging to you, you don’t have to read this post.

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Weekend Chronicles #3 + Update

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, spent time with the people who make you happy, ate good food and did all the other fun things people do on Christmas day.

I’ve been so busy and this is the only time I’ve had to just sit down and write a post so I apologize in advance for how rushed it might turn out. This post will be the third in my Weekend Chronicles Series but it’ll also double as a short update on what I’ve been up to so without further ado, let’s get started! Continue reading

Be you, not them

Stay relentlessly optimistic and contagiously confident. Stop letting other people stop you from doing what makes you happy; you’re your own person. Do what you love, the only limitations you have are the ones you put on yourself. You have to stop worrying about other people. You’re in control of your own happiness. Once you realize that, the world changes. Be so comfortable in your own skin that you inspire others to do the same.

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